Open source or proprietary e-commerce solution

Why pay for a proprietary software when you can have the same functionality in an open source software?

There has always been a debate on whether to go for a propriety software or choose an open source software? People on both sides have strong arguments in favour of their choice of software. In terms of content management systems, there are a number of options for both the proprietary ones and the open source ones. For example, e-commerce vendors can use propriety software (e.g., shopify) or open source software (e.g., open cart, magento).

One of the arguments in favour of propriety software could be that if a big brand is providing the software then its supposed to be highly stable and would come with good support. On the other hand, its easier to customise and extend an open source software according to specific need of the business without additional costs. This is because once you have implemented a property solution, there could be untold additional costs that you must make if you need to have additional features and basically you are stuck with it as you have already made initial investment. There will always be need of additional features no matter what kind of software it is. Also, a big brand providing a property software doesn’t mean that you will always get the same level of software or support as is the case with their other products. So, this thing should be considered in detail before going for a proprietary software.

In my opinion, if both types of software provide the same level of functionality and features and is supported well by an open source community then it should be the choice as it saves a lot of money. Since, there will always be experts around to hire in case you need to extend certain features which are yet not available for your an open source solution and that too would be quite cheaper compared to the same provided by an organisation selling property software.