Complete Online Shop Setup

Tavernes de la Valldigna E-commerce is one of the fastest growing industry capturing over 50% shares of retail business now. As it grows, challenges and competition get bigger and bigger and the biggest challenge traders have that it’s all technology driven business. So even for trade & sale experts, you need a specialist technical person to set your store up and running, design its look & feel and payment collection. Having this dependency on technology and experts, traders with no or minimal technology knowledge are struggling to succeed despite having right products, better prices and high demand.

We are here to bridge this gap, we split our projects into business analysis, development, marketing and support services in a way that our partners are educated with the process flow.We have expertise to pick up from an idea and transform into successfully running life changing business. We call our service users  ‘Partners’ not customers and it makes a difference.

We are also development partner of some global e-commerce solution provider companies like Opencart. We have been working closely with their development team and also providing Opencart community support to make a better use of Opencart features.

So we are here to serve you, all your needs for taking your business to internet. Either you already have an online presence or you just have an idea; we can provide you customised services from market research, technical consultancy, infrastructure support, marketing your services, fix existing issues, enhance functionality or actual development from scratch. We are one stop shop for all your needs.