Choosing the right e commerce solution

E commerce has taken major share of retail industry in last few years, rapid change in consumers buying trends attracting businesses to make best use of technology and join e commerce community.

Choosing the right e commerce solution is the most critical decision for businesses as it could result into wasting time and money if it doesn’t fit for purpose. It is as important as choosing the right location, items presentation and providing best services for any offline store.

Common mistake in e commerce start-up has been observed that e-commerce platform is chosen first and then requirements are matured and finalised which results into chaos, even projects are shut down before completion. To avoid such disastrous situation, detail business requirement analysis should be performed before jumping into technical phase. Once requirements are finalised then we can move into choosing the right platform phase.

Technically you have option either go for completely bespoke solution or choose any “off the shelf” system available in market. Bespoke Solutions could be costly and lengthy option, it should only be chosen if none of the available “off the shelf” system could meet your business requirements.

“Off the Shelf” e commerce solutions are of two types

* Free Open Source Solutions

* Licenced Solutions

Both have their own pros and cons which need to be investigated in detail before choosing one. Almost every solution provides basic e commerce features but there are few key features which need to be considered before choosing.

1. Easier to use and setup

2. Customisable to meet all functional requirements

3. Security

4. Scalability & Performance

5. SEO Friendly

6. Developer Community and Technical Support

Market leaders in Open source community at the moment are Opencart and Magento, both have their own set of features to be considered as best option for any level of businesses. Magento was leading the market for quite a while but Opencart has emerged as a real competitor in last few years and it is being considered as most rapidly growing e commerce system.

I will write detail feature list of both Opencart and Magento in next part which would really help you to analyse both solutions if those fit in your business requirements.